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We give our customers the decisive competitive advantage.

Metro Logistics is a Georgian transportation company established in 12 th March of 2018. We have transportation services all around the world. Three ways to move your cargo from one point to another – road, sea and air – we provide all of them. As well as warehouse is one of the most important point in logistics business, our company also has warehousing support.

We streamline each of your supply chain – order, pickup, storage, trucking, delivery. Metro logistics offers you specialized solutions for storage foodstuffs and perishables, clothes, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, automotive and spare parts and etc. With our highly experienced logistics managers, your goods are always safe and delivered on time.
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Warehouse pallet slots
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1,018,000 t
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171,000 t
Air Cargo
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1,831,000 t
Sea Cargo


We provide air, sea, land transport, warehousing and supply chain solutions for a wide range of industries all around the world.
Our focus on quality assurance and sustainable progress enables us to provide fast and efficient solutions and ensure the long-term success of our company, our clients, our employees, and our industry. Our company-wide continuous improvement process is based on our passion for excellence and our firm belief in economical, ecological, and social sustainability. We are fully integrated with state-of-the-art IT systems operated through our network of over 130 own offices and closely connected to forwarding agents, carriers, public authorities and service providers.

Key Data 2017

Profile International Info-Logistics Service Provider operating worldwide headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia
Established 1992
Chairman, CEO Temuri Gumberidze
Staff Head office/15 person
Network Metro Logistics owned network in Western, Eastern and Central Europe, North East Asia, South East Asia, Indian Subcontinent and North America


Our mission is to deliver superior value to our customers, to create growth and development opportunities and a safe work environment for our employees, to generate profitable growth for our company


Our vision is to be the premier provider of highly engineered, process-driven warehouse and synchronous manufacturing-support solutions to OEMs through a performance-driven culture built on the relentless pursuit of perfection, operational excellence, continuous improvement, and an uncompromising commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and employee safety.


Our values are to ensure a healthy and safe work environment, act honestly, ethically, and legally, accept personal responsibility, show respect for the individual, exceed expectations, be more productive and efficient, be fiscally responsible
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